Who we are

A team of passionate, creative and innovative professionals.

About QK

Here at QK, we are passionate about the growing possibilities of the Cloud and what it can provide for our clients. These days it seems as though every IT company has jumped on the Cloud bandwagon. What separates us from the Cloud crowd is the longevity of our combined experience, the depth of our knowledge and the spectrum of services we have on offer. We cover everything from Cloud migration and hosting, through to tuition and staff support in using the Cloud. As the Cloud evolves, so do we – we have seen and done it all.

In 2014 we decided to branch out into Salesforce.com to explore its uses for our clients. After a few successful implementations, we have decided to commit more fully and have now become an Australian partner. We chose to foster this partnership because of their style in Cloud computing and their ever-growing range of products. We also share the belief that a company’s staff can be empowered by simply using the right technology, leading to great achievements.

QK now works with all things Salesforce, offering the complete range of products, services and solutions. If you are interested in hearing more about who we are and how we might be able to assist you with Salesforce, Cloud computing or other technology requirements, then get in touch with a friendly team member today!

Meet the Team

  • Seb Wortley
    Seb Wortley
  • Chris Alley
    Chris Alley Developer
  • Matthew Gladman
    Matthew Gladman Developer
  • Lawson Teo
  • Tuan Bui
    Tuan Bui Developer
  • Victor Wang
    Victor Wang Salesforce CRM Specialist
  • Nicolas Tan
    Nicolas Tan Salesforce CRM Specialist
  • John Aivaliotis
    John Aivaliotis Developer
  • Ammon Ho
  • Stephanie Yao
    Stephanie Yao Salesforce CRM Specialist
  • Iana Bardash
    Iana Bardash Developer
  • Kevin Munro
    Kevin Munro Sales