What we do

An experienced team delivering innovative solutions for Salesforce implementations, custom development, and technology consulting.


Salesforce Implementations

Our implementation journey begins with interactive workshops. In these, we explore critical business processes to determine the main requirements to be addressed.

We pride ourselves on working closely with clients and by thinking outside the box to find solutions to business challenges. By working iteratively with clients, they see their solution developing and provide input to ensure that we are delivering the best in class solution.

Custom Development

Need a brand new app, website or software brought to life? We will build it on almost any platform. We create technology to deliver the best possible outcome with quality.

We have vast experience in writing software for many market segments. We create a fantastic user experience — consumer, business or enterprise. The ‘user’ is our top priority!

Our team will integrate an existing solution with anything that we build. We will update any current solution to make it better!


Technology Consulting

Technology is vital to virtually every business.  We understand that the right choices made can steer the business to further success.  Technology changes every day.  when answering technology questions:

  • Are we using the best technology?
  • What’s the impact of changing systems?
  • What cost implications are there?
  • What are the risks and dangers?
  • Do we need to integrate specific systems?

QK can help you make the right decisions.

Let’s Work Together

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